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We welcome children

  • Our office environment and practices are designed to make a trip to the dentist as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

  • A child with a positive impression of visits to the dental office is much more likely to receive the care he or she needs to maintain good dental health.

  • At Lindenhurst Family Dental, we are building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

  • In addition to our highly skilled staff and our kid-friendly environment, We employs the latest technology to provide the highest possible standard of care.

  • Low-Dose Digital X-rays are much safer for your child than traditional X-rays, emitting up to 75% less radiation.

  • There's no sacrifice in effectiveness, in fact the digital X-rays have the advantage of brightness and contrast manipulation, allowing our dentists to see your child's teeth down to the finest detail.

  • Our friendly office staff and doctors love working with kids. Children find our office very welcoming. 

First visit Our doctors are pleased to work with children.

  • We welcome you to bring your child into the office as early as the age of two, when all the baby teeth have come in.

  • In the first visits, the doctor will focus on creating positive experiences, so that later on, your child will feel comfortable receiving treatment.

  • Children should return to our office every six months to a year so they can become fully comfortable with the dentist.

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