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Why Dental Implants Are a Real Bargain – Honestly, It’s True!

Wasn’t it Coco Channel who said that “The best things in life are free, but the second best things are very very expensive”

While you may or may not agree with that statement, when it comes to your teeth – or rather the lack of them – getting dental implants almost certainly falls into the latter category.

Sure, they’re not on an equal footing with say a Fifth Avenue penthouse apartment, or a Norman Rockwell painting, but in dental terms, implants don’t come cheap. However, despite dropping somewhere between $2500 -$4000 per tooth, they’re still a bargain!

Controversial I know but hear me out….

The Watercooler Scenario on Implant Costs

I was standing in line at a grocery store checkout a few weeks back and overheard two women in front of me talking – Okay, so I may have been eavesdropping, but the conversation went something like this…  

First woman – “You remember Sheena, right?” Second woman – “Oh yeah, I haven’t seen her for years.”

First woman – “Well I bumped into her the other day and she looked so different.”

Second woman – “whaddya mean?”

First woman – “Well, it’s her teeth! Do you remember she was never happy with her teeth?”

Second woman – “Oh yeah, I remember. Every time she smiled, she would kinda place her hand in     front of her mouth.”

First woman –   “You’ve got it! Well now she doesn’t have to.”

Second woman – “Why? What’s she had done?”

First woman – “Apparently, she’s had those implants – You know…the ones for your teeth”

By this stage I was listening so intently I didn’t hear someone saying excuse me as they tried to squeeze past. Anyway, on with the conversation…

Second woman – “Oh yeah, I’ve heard about those.”

First woman – “You’ll never guess how much they cost her.”

Second woman – “Go on!”

First woman – “About $20,000.”

Second woman – “$20,000 Jeez!” She repeated this part in a really high voice… “I’ll tell ya, we’re in the wrong job.”

With that, they paid for their groceries and left…

Meanwhile, I’m mulling over the conversation in my head and thinking firstly….“What the heck was I doing listening in on someone else’s private conversation” but more importantly…. it hit home that the initial cost of dental implants is in fact a HUGE stumbling block for some patients. And it’s an unfortunate hurdle that many people don’t see past.

But here’s the important part….

If you consider the long-term benefits that dental implants can bring, then actually, they’re worth every single cent.

Here’s why….

The Practicality of Dental Implants

Let’s imagine for one second that you went down the conventional denture route. After all, modern-day dentures look pretty realistic and feel comfortable in the mouth, so why wouldn’t you?

You spend a session having impressions taken and molds done and another session (some weeks later) getting them fitted. That’s it…2 days, new teeth. Job done!

Or is it…

Firstly there’s the cleaning… By this I mean soaking and deep cleansing. Food particles collect on dentures every time you eat, so they need regular and thorough daily cleaning in order to avoid a variety of common oral problems which plague approx 87% of denture wearers.

Secondly, there’s the problem of jaw shrinkage… conventional dentures may do a great job of replacing teeth but they can’t halt the natural bone loss process that occurs when teeth are missing. As the jaw shrinks, snug fitting dentures can become loose and uncomfortable.  

Thirdly…. There’s the issue of replacement. As the jaw continues to shrink dentures need to be regularly adjusted and eventually replaced. The typical shelf life of a conventional denture is around 10 years. That’s okay, if you’re a more senior denture wearer, but if you’re younger, then you may need to replace your denture at least once or more throughout your lifetime. These are added costs which need to be factored in.

Now take dental implants….

Sure they require an initial period of 4-9 months to complete, but that’s it. Ultimately there’s no re-adjusting, no stockpiling cleaning tablets, and no fixative (did I mention the fixative?) but most importantly… provided that patients continue to brush and floss as normal, they’ll never need replacing. So in effect you pay once and once only!

Now financially, implants are suddenly starting to sound more appealing, right?

So, the next time you hear someone talk about the cost of dental implants consider this…

What price should I place on being able to smile and eat normally again, being more self-confident and… feel happier than I have done in a long time.

How much would you be willing to pay?

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